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New Entry, Same Day

Like I said, I always thought I would be dead by now.  Not necessarily suicide, just from reckless behaviour.  My habits of getting black out drunk on a regular basis to numb myself from my everyday life seem sure to bring me down.  Abducted, raped, hit by a car, over served, over dosed, you name it and it is a possibility.  I’ve had several … Read More New Entry, Same Day

Lost Items

Ok I’m back… I’ve been wallowing in a pool of self pity lately which only makes me mad for being ungrateful.  Let’s list things that I can remember I lost while drunk and/or high … Marc Jacobs sunglasses, two Tiffany bracelets, and silver and pearl bracelet from a family trip to Costa Rica (the last family trip we’d ever take the 4 of us), … Read More Lost Items

Worth a Shot

I don’t know a thing about blogging.  I don’t even have snap chat.  But I’m hoping this can be a therapeutic outlet for me as well as a connection with anyone who has ever felt as alone as I have in life.  I often think about all the of terrible things I have done while drunk and/or high, and I don’t have the courage … Read More Worth a Shot