I would like to express some of my opinions about the sudden trend of mental illness.

Something I have been ashamed of is suddenly cool?  I’m sorry but these celebs coming forward as experiencing depression can KISS MY FUCKING ASS.  I don’t know how this became a trend, and I am grateful it’s getting the attention it deserves, but I do NOT appreciate any of these people who suddenly “have anxiety” or “depression”.

They are mitigating the fucking disease.  Don’t tell me you were depressed because you got a silver medal.  FUCK YOU.  Have you cut yourself?  Swallowed a bottle of pills?  Thought about suicide daily?  No.

The ONLY good thing coming from this is I finally feel better about sharing my problems with even my best friends.  Because it was not ok until now.  But it doesn’t change how I feel inside.  I appreciate that people care and are trying to be sympathetic, but as far as I can tell at the moment, something that is life or death for me since I was born is suddenly cool.  Cool until when?  Those of us who are truly suffering kill ourselves?

It’s coming either way.

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